Business Automation Pack for Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central

Business Automation Pack

for Business Central 

Do it Yourself

NoCode automation power

Based on Aptean Advanced Workflow

Finally it is possible to automate all your business processes from start to finish without programming

Aptean Workflow

Business Automation Pack

to automate all your

Business Central processes

With the automation pack for Business Central you can automate all your business processes. It gives Aptean Advanced Workflow extra power, flexibility and allows you to automate entire head-to-tail business processes.

Any process any way you want it

Order Processing

Build your own Business Processes exactly the way you want it.

With the Business Automation pack it is possible to build your processes exactly the way you want to without a single line of programming! This is called NoCode Automation.

Structured Creation of High Quality Master Data

Master Data

Built your own processes for Masterdata

The number one reason why automation projects fail is the poor quality of masterdata. With Aptean Advanced Workflow you can create high quality Business Processes for the creation of your master data.  Creating Items, Customers or Vendors, let every department in your organisation populate their own fields and let a final responsible person give his or her approval before using the new masterdata.

Fully Automatic Order Processing


Build your own fully automatic Business Processes.

From receiving your order, via edi or webshop,  all the way to the pick order in the warehouse and shipping the goods can be handled fully automatically. If no exceptions are detected then no manual intervention is required.

Fully Automatic Purchasing


Trust your settings and automate it.

Set your inventory parameters, have a testing period, so you will start trusting your settings and then turn your purchase process over to the automation pack.

You can set it up with of without required approvals. You can even set it up in a way that only orders for vendors with a certain rate will be send automatically. It is all up to you. 

Possibility of Automatic Payment with Approval


Automate your payment and banking process

Payments are handled with utmost care. But why? How many times has your system made mistakes in your payment proposal?

If you trust your system you can now also start automating your payments and with the NovaTerrae Bank Connectivity Engine you can send  your payments fully automatically to the bank. Off course it is possible to do it with an approval step in it. The choice is yours.

Fully Automatic Production Order Processing


Generate your production orders automatically any way you want.

No matter of you are using project orders or item orders, released of firm planned, they can be created fully atomatically with the automation pack from NovaTerrae.

You can even decide how you want to handle the created production orders. 

Fully Automatic Customer Communication


Keep your customers informed

Overstep your service levels and keep your customers informed about the status of their orders. Set up the communication process once and run it 24/7 fully automatically.

Fully Automatic Invoicing


Set up your invoices to be delivered without manual intervention.

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Fully automatic Intercompany Invoicing


Sit back and see how the automation pack delivers invoices to your sister companies

Standard Business Central has Intercompany Invoicing functionality. Its just not fully automated. With the Automation Pack you can set it up once and forget about it. Invoices will be created ans send fully automatically. You never have to worry about sending invoices again.

Fully Automatic Reminders


Do you still generate your reminders every week?

The Automation Pack can do it all for you. And not every week but the moment they are overdue. This will improve your accounts receivable balance and it runs fully automatically.

Free Automation Fields


Have all the information available that when you need it.

When you start automating your business processes sometimes you need a certain field that you dont have available at that point. Thats why we have added free to use automation fields so you have the values available that you need to automate your Processes.

Fully Automatic Push Notifications in case of system failures


Receive an immediate push notification in the event of an important malfunction

Never be late again in case manual action is required. The Automation pack will inform you direct with a push notification via Power Apps or via Power Automate.

Fully Automatic Management by Exception strategy


Act only in case of an exception

When you deal with automated Business Processes there van always occur an exception. Let the system work for you. In case of an exception the system will create a manual To-Do and assigns it fully automatically to the responsible team or employee. Only act in case of an exception !!

Freely Configurable Process Task Tiles


Organize your tasks in tiles by category

You are now able to catagorize your own tasks and define your own tiles per category. Define you own categories and tiles. 

Freely Configurable Scanning Processes


Scan a document and configure the process to be executed.

With the automation pack you can create document scanning processes and define exactly what should happen after scanning a barcode on a document. Print a label with a scan, release a document with a scan?   You can do it all.

Structured End of Period Processes


Make sure everyone knows what to do, how to do it and when to do it.

End of month closures or end of year closures can be complex business Processes. Now you are able to really structure those processes and run them well organized and planned.

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5 Minute Installation & Ready 2 Go


Install the Automation Pack from the Appsource and you are ready 2 go with all of the mentioned processes. Grab the Fully Automated Business Processes from our support portal and you are ready 2 go.

Based on Aptean Advanced Workflow

Aptean Advanced Workflow is a proven extension of Business Central with over 30.000 active users worldwide. It is being sold in 35 countries and by more then 50 partners.

30 000 +




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